Art Installation & Bespoke Handy Services

A tool shed cabin I put together for a special effects studio so they could have a meeting room in their open-office space.

I offer art installation,  custom builds, and the kind of weird house fixes that are unique to a  particular residence.  If it can be hung, I can hang it. Doesn't matter the wall type: drywall, lath plaster, wood, brick, or concrete. Even if it's not meant to be hung - I can mount it. I've hung modified street lights and crosswalk signs for offices, vintage stained-glass panes from a church in the Midwest using custom cleats, and a custom-built projection screen from an 18' ceiling that can be lowered by a hand-crank. I've had to make custom brackets and spacers many times for unique situations.

I've mounted all kinds of high-end art pieces, TVs of nearly every make and model on a variety of mounts, light fixtures of all sorts, and much more common things like toilet paper holders and towel racks on porcelain and tile. I also do many little fixes unique to particular homes that require problem-solving and most people don't want to take on. I'll fix doors that are swollen shut due to rain, rewire vintage light fixtures, replace vintage cranks and knobs for windows that need to be specially ordered and custom painted, swap sink fixtures, install closet systems, build furniture, etc...

I mounted this painting, among many others in this Historic Hollywood apartment, to a very specific height and center with a tolerance of 1/16". I also mounted the Italian designer light that hangs on the ceiling to illuminate the piece.

In this home office, I mounted these vintage shelves, which have to be precisely spaced in order to attach to the rails.

I mounted these curtain rods to the specs of an interior designer, along with all other curtains rods, for the home of couple that owns of a house staging company. Some walls were wood paneled and others tiled, so precision mattered.

֎֎֎ A reported three people fainted after beholding the beauty of this ceiling's greenery ֍֍֍

The before photo of a custom conference  table that was built into a room and could not be removed in a single piece. This room was a full demo of built-in furniture so that it be remodeled.

The after of the table once I had dismantled it. Because the main metal frame was brought into the room before it had its windows installed, I had to break it down even further to remove it.

֎֎֎ Moths were no more and the smell was glorious after lining this bedroom with cedar planks! ֍֍֍

I've been doing this work for years and am very well-equipped. Any job or part of a job I can't do because it requires a specialty (stone mason, welder, reupholster, large hauler), I can find that person to help out and get the job done. I'm professional, respect the privacy of my clients (celebrities, fancy pants, and nice folks alike), and strangely give out a lot of life advice (for some reason a lot of people ask).  Supporting my business is supporting a successful artist to continue making unconventional work.

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