I have been building computers for over 25 years and used to lead a team for Google Maps, dealing with team tech issues on Linux, Windows, and Apple machines.

  • Desktop builds for high-end, water-cooled PCs - typically for gaming, video production, or sound production. I've done several custom water loops and bent/cut custom tubing to do it.
  • Replaced and upgraded hard drives, ram, motherboards, speakers, and fans for Mac desktops.
  • I do a lot of general IT problem-solving, from weird driver issues to  getting printers of all sorts  to work on a network
  • Setting up storage RAID backups and cloud systems.
  • Setting up mesh wifi networks for homes, especially larger estates that have thick walls and make it difficult to have continuous service.
  • Modifying electronics, such as installing external antennas for playstations or installing external power buttons for PC's
  • Security camera setups and installation

 My clients range from doctors on private encrypted home networks, architecture & interior design firms, twitch and youtube streamers, celebrities, and local businesses of all sorts. If it's a computer problem or need, it's truly rare that I can't fix it.

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