We live in hyper-digital times. In a world filled with screens and distractions.  Despite being more connected than ever, we are more separated than ever.  We have less common shared spaces in which to interact with one another, and even less independent “Mom & Pop” community keystone spaces.  Every day, automation and A.I. are advancing in truly astonishing ways that will forever change our society --- but to what end?  What is the point of all of these tools and technology?  Is it not to make our lives easier, safer, and better?  As we free up certain kinds of repetitive, rote, and useless work; what do we open ourselves up to do, if we can truly do anything?  I, for one, would use all of these amazing tools and technologies to make everything around me… more AWESOME!  Exemplifying humanity through process, connection, and engagement.


Analog Atelier was created by Eric Oxford in 2020, because the name sounded nifty, and it helps with utterly uninteresting tax things that you're not supposed to talk about.  Eric is a professional problem solver of all sorts, but specializes in all things stop motion: animation, puppet fabrication, armatures, mold making and casting, set building, props, story & story development.  A member of the Nihil Declaradum collective of artists, we are dedicated to keeping things weird, interesting, and uniting people in dividing times.  Aside from the physical, Eric likes to create ephemeral, experiential happenings that bring people together.  Such events, filled with music, puppets, magic, fire, and interactive art are hard to share here (despite one’s best attempt to upload it on social media), you just have to be there!  Stay around and you’ll be welcomed in.


If there is one goal here at Analog Atelier, it is simply this: to make more awesome!  Step away from the inertia of how things are and have been - and rethink the process to create elevated magic.  Process is essential to a memorable outcome.  Efficiency is important; but so is the quality and enjoyment of method.  We are not machines, we use machines. Nothing worth doing is easy, but it shouldn’t be too painful or soul-sucking either.  When we work together in a space and see each other's approaches, we can more readily share ideas and improvements, and the outcome is even stronger.  Dennis Gabor, the physicist who won the 1971 Nobel Prize for inventing Holography, once wrote “The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented.”  Join Eric at Analog Atelier in shaping the future into a more awesome one!!!

Eric Oxford, of all of the above aforementioned Analog Atelier fame, is located in Los Angeles.

 If you wish to contact me:

email: eric@analogatelier.art

phone: 650-793-1374

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